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Your Local Dry Cleaners At Your Beck And Call

We would love to welcome you to our new website (still getting fine tuned, apologies for the inconvenience) where you will be able to place your orders for dry cleaning upholstery, drapery, curtains, special fabrics as well as the standard clothes services we have been doing for years.

We are still accepting orders at our Twickenham dry cleaners shop, however we intend to offer you a lot more by using the unlimited capabilities of online ordering. On our new website we will be offering a lot more services through our partnership with local cleaning companies. We will be able to provide upholstery cleaning at your home as well as at our premises. We are introducing our new curtain/drapery dry cleaning in-situ to compliment our existing dry cleaning service so you can benefit from convenience and time saving.

A word of advice if you attempt to clean your curtains at home. There are many videos on youtube with instructions how you can wet clean your curtains at home. Here is an example:

Please be careful as all these clips show how a wet cleaning method, which is ok only if your curtains were designed to be wet cleaned. Chances are your fabric may be dry cleaned only and you are risking shrinking or causing other damage to your curtains drapery.

Our upholstery and curtain dry cleaning service is not expensive at all and guarantees safe treatment of your items and garments. To be on the safe side always choose the professionals!

The future is exciting and we are excited too.

Till the next time – see you around!